Constitution Course

There is currently no scheduled class for 2018.  Class will be scheduled, however, if significant interest is shown.  Please contact course facilitators if interested.   David Christmas will be helping to facilitate the course and relevant group discussion. The basic agenda each night will be:

  1.  Group review of prior lessons homework assignment.
  2. Watch the video for the current lecture.
  3. Discuss the video and complete lecture review in class.


What:  Institute on The Constitution in 2018.

When: TBD

Where:  Covenant Reformed Church is located at 5115 Oak Grove Rd. Suite B, Evansville, IN, 47715.

Who: David Christmas is the sponsor and facilitator.  Evansville Real Radio is the promoter.

Why: Glorify God, Promote Liberty for the Individual and Family, Restore The Republic.

Contact:  David Christmas at or 812-422-9349